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Bad: I forgot to mention that construction noise (CLANK! BONK!) has started again bright and early, before 8 a.m. It sounds like it's the site on this side of the street, not the one across the way where work was halted due to the wall collapse, but I didn't go out and check.

Pending: Still no word from the optometry college. Maybe they've sent a bill, which will either be correct or I'll have to dispute. I don't mind paying, I just want the insurance to be properly taken into account.

Looking up: All during Lynn Samuels' show just now, I was thinking of how I HAD to deal with the badly scanned photo today or it would be too late. I stressed out over what I'd say: start out friendly, then note that the picture with little white specks on it is unacceptable and these are not on the original photo and could we try the version before we lightened it and if that doesn't work how about a higher resolution, and I won't pay a cent more and if you don't comply I'm never coming back here and will tell the world never to darken your doorstep.... My financial records say I've only spent $14.44 there ever so I don't have much lost business to threaten them with (I remember doing some large orders a while ago copying at-home materials, but it's not on Quicken, probably because I knew I would be reimbursed).

I realized rather than fight this battle that I'd be better off and saner finding someone with a scanner and trying it again myself. I have found such a person. I'm being vague since this is someone's work machine and it's a totally non-work-related use. Thanks! (And I won't be scanning any more items at Global, but I will use them if I need copies or FedEx dropoff.)

Good: Gristede's had a large supply of Minute Maid raspberry passion. I could only carry 2 but it's good knowing there should be more next time I go.

Also good: Book cataloging is up to date.

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