Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

My life couldn't possibly resemble Sandra Bullock's

The Museum of the Moving Image had a "King of Kong" screening Sunday followed by Q&A with the director, producer and one of the subjects. I seriously considered going (I'm a member so it's free) just to see the guys in person, especially since I learned they're familiar with "Wordplay" (making it all about meeeee). But two viewings in 4 days seemed excessive and I stayed home. The next day, I happened to hear them on WNYC.

I walked around aimlessly on Monday and couldn't find diet blondies or the frozen dessert flavors I like (I did try Associated). It will be better when there are stores again. I had a nagging feeling I was supposed to be doing something and remembered as I was heading back home around 7:30 that there was a community meeting about the construction at 6:45, a few blocks up. I decided it was too late to go over there and just went in.

No terrace lounging - it's been too hot.

Yesterday I planned to listen to Lynn Samuels from 1-3pm and then wash up and do some work. I ended up spending the afternoon in technical support with McAfee. Since Friday, the VirusScan indicator has said I wasn't fully protected but when I click Update it says I'm up to date. After clearing caches, rebooting, and not finding a solution on the boards, tech support told me to uninstall and reinstall. This seemed to fix the problem, but gave me Site Advisor which was more annoying than useful, so I uninstalled that.

I finally showered at 6:30pm and caught some of the Lynn rerun from 4-5am (there was napping in between).

In last week's annoying things news: My mailman has no idea why the Enigma was returned and says he was out last week. I made an eye appointment for Monday and won't wear contacts until I have new ones. They wanted a referral for HIP, which seems odd for a standard eye exam, but last year's claim was screwed up so I requested the form from my PCP and made a check-up appointment for September while I was on the phone.

I read "Mine Are Spectacular" by Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger. Fun chick lit, but I thought she ended up with the wrong guy, and the characters were in an insular world with no apparent parents or siblings.

"Grand Slam" scheduling news: In order to avoid airing the last 2 episodes over Labor Day weekend, GSN will air only one episode per weekend starting this Saturday. There will also be a marathon on Saturday 9/8 (first 7 episodes) (UPDATE: not Labor Day as previously thought).

Today I'm hoping to accomplish what I didn't do yesterday. I've already listened to Lynn, so now it's time to work.

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