Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Good article about Merl. Strangely, it came up on a Google blog search of "Merl Reagle" (and didn't come up on Google news search, even though it's news and not a blog) and did not come up using "wordplay crosswords."

When I was looking for travel-size contact lens fluid before the con, I should have realized something was wrong when I couldn't find my current brand Complete in any size. I ended up getting a 4 oz. Opti-Free Replenish. I had switched to Complete MoisturePlus after Renu MoistureLoc was recalled. When I got new lenses 2 years ago, I had some tearing and discomfort which wasn't helped by physically replacing the lenses, and the optician concluded that my eyes were getting old and I needed a moister fluid.

Today when I shopped for lens fluid, there was also no Complete to be found. I got a large Opti-Free Replenish and later investigated and found that Complete too was recalled, in May. I hadn't been notified, even though I'd bought this through drugstore.com in the past. According to the articles, customers were advised to not only stop using this product, but to discard lens cases and even the lenses themselves that came in contact with it. Pretty drastic. Although I've had no problems (and didn't with Renu either), I'll have to call the optician first thing Monday. I'm due for new lenses anyway, as mine are 2 years old (I had an eye exam a year ago, but the lenses were in good shape and I had no prescription change so nothing was replaced).

This put a damper on the day. I was further bummed out to learn my Enigma was returned with a "return to sender, attempted - not known, unable to forward" yellow sticker. I assured Mercury and Crax I hadn't moved since 1975, and the mailing label used since 1982 was correct. The mailman was gone and the local P.O. closed when I got this news, so I called the USPS 800 number, was put on hold for a half hour, and then told to call my local post office. So I have to do that Monday, or talk to the carrier if I see him. I have been getting other mail, so who knows.

I was so anxious to see "Grand Slam" that I watched it live. Can't wait until tomorrow's episode. Knowing the outcome hasn't diminished the excitement of this format.

A 3/9 EW interview with Mark Ruffalo says: .[Two upcoming] movies share an eerily gruesome plot point — Ruffalo's characters are responsible for car crash fatalities. ''I almost didn't do [both] because I had to kill two people,'' says Ruffalo. ''It was so painful. Awful,'' he says, briefly wincing at the memory before reminding himself that the alternative — not working — is much worse. ''I'm a glutton for punishment.''

Mark, you didn't really kill anyone. It's called ACTING!

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