Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

It was too cold and rainy for idyllic terrace lounging today, so I opened the recliner inside along the windows and read there for a bit. I could really get into this retirement thing.

I finished "Nightwork" by Irwin Shaw, a mostly light adventure involving corpses, piles of cash, and jet-setting through Europe. Inside is written "Property of [grandfather's name]" and I considered keeping it just for that, but I'm going to leave it in the laundry room book exchange.

Got a Fresh Direct order today. My refrigerator is now filled with vegetables. I want to make a huge salad before anything goes bad. The Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches arrived squishy and melted; I've complained and expect to get a credit.

A few weeks ago, FD had given delivery pass customers a coupon code for a free pizza, but it wouldn't work when I tried it. They then apologized that there was a system problem and it could still be used through August 1. I did an order July 30 and totally forgot about the promotion. So I tried to use the code this time - and it worked!

My credit card had a mysterious charge from Sofitel Philadelphia. I had paid for the room in advance and the charge for wireless came directly from T-Mobile, so I didn't know what this was. I called and they said it was for the minibar. I never have anything from the minibar and didn't even take the key, and didn't drink the bottles of water in the room assuming they weren't free. I was prepared to argue and yell and say I'd take a lie detector test if they didn't believe me, but they were nice as could be and immediately reversed the charge. Later I remembered I had used the shampoo and conditioner, but I don't think that's extra. Or is it? Nah, that would be like charging for soap.

I regularly Google for "crossword" and found this press release. Skeptical of the hype, I did a free registration at the site to see if these were legit puzzles, and sure enough they're kriss-krosses. Maybe it should be called PuzzlesAm instead of PuzzlesPro.

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