Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I'll take potpourri

Here's a mishmash of stuff on a dog day afternoon.

In the continuing saga of the unergonomic NYT keyboard tray, it was still there. And the printer still had no toner. I called the computer guy (who is really a novelist) and he got the printer working and later said there was a high-priority ticket to remove the tray. We'll see next week. We did two weeks of puzzles. I had time to kill before the second week was ready and went up to the cafeteria for dinner, but ended up just having salad bar.

Besides getting ahead on the Times, I did a batch of LA Times and returned more at-homes. Still more where that came from. Uptown is due tomorrow so I need to get moving.

I finished two books:

"Can You Sue Your Parents for Malpractice?" by Paula Danziger. Reminder to self: I am too old for teenage novels. Somewhat simplistic tale of a 14-year-old with a slightly dysfunctional family. Everyone in the book makes a really big deal of the ninth-grade girl heroine dating an eighth-grade boy. OH MY GOD, THE HORROR!

"Full Commission" by Carol Brennan. Bouncy, light mystery focusing on New York real estate.

My lawn chair came. It was in a large, box that seemed heavier than the 20 pounds FedEx claimed, and kind samaritans helped me get it to, in and out of the elevator. I managed to get it out of the box, unfold it, and try it out in the living room. Very nice. It's washable but might stay cleaner if I keep it folded inside. So far, it's been too hot to use it.

Continuing on the spending spree, I also got a new bag, as the current one is held together with a safety pin. Haven't switched over yet.

Last night was the annual BBQ/Mostly Mozart outing. I ordered the yellow rice (usually I tell them not to bring the included potato or rice), and felt like I ate a lot but at least half was left. The lighting in the Philharmonic Hall bathroom is not flattering. The concert was all-Beethoven, and we heard the Fifth Symphony (familiar, yet still stirring), a piano fantasia (with Jeffrey Kahane) and some choral pieces with the Swedish Radio Choir (an Aryan-looking chorus singing in German, which made me feel vaguely uneasy).

I debated stopping at the nearby Food Emporium (likely to have raspberry passion, but their frozen dessert selection isn't great), but took the bus up and went to Gristedes instead. Yay, they had raspberry. I bought 2, as well as my fave peanut butter cup Edy's pint, muffins and salad fixings to up the nutrition content.

Then it was TiVo time. First the GSN marathon of "Grand Slam" contestants. Turns out I hadn't previously watched (or forgot) the "Jeopardy!" Million Dollar Masters final. "The Weakest Link" episode reminded me how much I dislike that show (sorry, mlstrm). The gameplay is good, but I hate the need for dishonesty and back-stabbing. The "Tic Tac Dough" had a dated feeling, but I liked the game. Since I had the TV on, I also finally watched the end of "The Starter Wife," which was very different than the book. My kind of trash.

Then "Grand Slam" itself. YESSSSS!! I thought it played really well.

I don't know if it's my TV, the channel, or my imagination but the voices on GSN seemed out of sync with the picture.

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