Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Gneiss day

It was too hot and humid to be outside today, and the terrace chair hasn't arrived anyway, so I sat in the rarely used armchair right in front of the air conditioner and read with the blinds up and natural light streaming in. I made myself exercise by going back and forth to the bedroom to get the next book or magazine. Ordered in from Turkuaz - cheese sticks and chicken shish yogurt kebab. Not quite luxury hotel, but a nice, relaxing day.

After seeing Jeffurry's post about the song from "Fame," I went to look for the soundtrack album on Rhapsody and found my library was gone - AGAIN. I found instructions on what index file to delete to resynchronize with the server, reimported from iTunes, and this worked. "Wordplay" playlist lost - AGAIN.

This reminded me how much I LOVE "Fame," both the movie and TV show. I was inspired to order the movie and season 1 TV DVDs, using the Overstock.com gift card I got today.

Unlike most of the chick lit I read, "The Hot Flash Club" by Nancy Thayer was about people more my age. Older, even. This suffered the same problem as "Little Earthquakes," where the main characters meet at the beginning of the book (in this case, at a retirement party) and then seem to have no other friends. The plot was a bit contrived where each was able to do a favor for one of the others, but it was interesting and I look forward to reading the sequels.

Some bad puns when one of the characters dates a geologist:

"It would be very gneiss to take you to bed," he said.
"I zinc I desire you, too."
"Shale I lead you to my bed?"
"Of quartz."

There's an improv festival this weekend. I was idly looking at the list of participants, and there was... CHEETARAH! Aargh.

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