Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Friday NPL Convention

I made no plans for Friday during the day and slept and slept and slept. By the time I got dressed and downstairs, it was just after 2 and all the vans downtown had left and the hotel restaurant wasn't serving (I didn't want to eat in the bar). Hardly anyone was around, so I walked to the mall. From the map, it appeared to be across the street but was a much longer walk than crossing a street, involving long driveways and parking lots and a highway, all in the hot sun.

By the time I reached the mall, I had done enough walking and didn't want to check out restaurants at the other end, so went to the nearest one, a California Pizza Kitchen. Normally I prefer local restaurants rather than chains but I'm not sure there were any. We used to order in from CPK at my ex-job, so I knew the chopped chicken salad would be good. I also had a small soup, and sat by myself and did the puzzle in the Zingerman's flyer.

The walk back was similarly long. Ann Arbor feels like LA, where everyone travels by car and you feel like an alien as a pedestrian. This isn't surprising given the main industry of the area. More people were around back at the hotel, and I talked to Quip/Poi and others, though I didn't see my cryptics solving partners.

That night's games started with a revival of Wrybosh's Sound Off. The hotel sound system was muffled, but I managed to recognize "little nerd girl" (we were far from first, though). My team was passing notes back and forth with our suggestions, and I just wrote, "Me!" for that one. Renfield's game was harder than it looked, and Squonk's was a lot of fun, though I'm not a very good arguer.

Badir was available to work on the cryptic, but first wanted to watch Squonk's "Jeopardy!" I had seen the show, but hadn't seen it with live commentary so watched again. The whole room stopped to applaud the three-way tie. We then watched the Match Game, where I KNEW the inaccessible New Hampshire veranda hotel would be brought up as soon as I heard one question.

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