Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I'm gonna live forever

I was looking forward to reading "Fame Junkies" by Jake Halpern, as it combined my fascination with Hollywood culture with my experience on the other side of fame. Sure enough, I found the anecdotes about wanna-be kid actors, personal assistants, and superfans enthralling. As I got further and the author illustrated his points with academic studies and surveys, the book became less interesting. I like my trash straight up, not with footnotes. This is not to say it's a bad book, but I won't be keeping it (I've listed it at bookmooch.com).

I didn't get much work done, even though the construction site is temporarily quiet. We received a copy of a letter from the Manhattan borough president to the buildings commissioner citing safety and zoning concerns and concluding, "I request that the Department of Buildings revisit its reconsiderations for this project and revoke building permits." With a huge hole in the ground, this seems a little late. I'm still thinking new stores (Whole Foods!) and more people on the street will be good.

It's Restaurant Week, where upscale restaurants offer special prix fixe menus. In the past, I took advantage of this to try the Brasserie and Molyvos. The lunch price used to be correspond to the year, e.g. $20.01 in 2001, but inflation has hit and for 2007 it's $24.07. N suggested we have Greek seafood at Estiatorio Milos. We did this yesterday, and the lunch of Greek spreads, grilled seafood (the service was so attentive they immediately removed my emptied skewers), and raspberry sherbet was tasty and filling.

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