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Work and relaxation

These last 2 weeks, I've been traveling and reading and going light on the work. I buckled down and got some done yesterday. I will feel so good when I'm more caught up on both work and blogging.

I woke up at 8:30 to the sound of blasting (warning whistle, silence, BOOM!!! vibrations) and clanging metallic hammering. I'm not sure if they've started at the new, very close construction site or the one down the street. Either way, it's going to be a noisy year or however long it takes these buildings to go up.

I realized I'd never get anything done with all that noise, so got to the Times in the early afternoon. The unwanted ergonomic keyboard tray was still there, despite my request last week to remove it. I'm not optimistic about it ever getting uninstalled, and wrote to Will's admin person to see if she could help.

Then the printer gave me a page with a large white streak down the center and very little Sunday puzzle. It said "toner low" and I asked the people nearby if they had another cartridge. They said they rarely used that printer (though I have seen output other than mine), and a woman removed the cartridge and went to get another. About 15 minutes later, she returned with a cartridge that didn't fit and told me I was on my own. I said that might mean there'd be no puzzles next week, but really it wasn't her problem.

Two of the three computer guys I deal with are on vacation, so I left a message with the third, and with Nicole in Digital Media. No one was responding, and I really needed to print out the puzzle (in extreme emergency I could convert it directly to Across Lite and solve that way, but that's not the ideal way to test the print puzzle). A printer next to the one I use appeared to carry 11x17 paper (needed for Sunday) but the address listed on the outside could not be found in the list of printers on the NYT printer web page. Strolling the floor, I found another possible printer, was able to put it in my menu, printed (after loading it with 11x17 paper, which I took from the first printer), and found it was smudgy around the edges. But it was readable, and I proceeded to do the Sunday puzzle.

While I was solving, Nicole called back and said I could print on their printer. It's 4 floors up, but that's better than nothing, so when the dailies came, I printed them there. I discovered there's a nice open stairway going the whole way between our floors, but that wouldn't be convenient for the long run. Someone needs to replace the toner in the original printer!

I could have used the all-purpose tech support number, but I learned last week that Will's listing got lost in the move, and since I'm a freelancer and also not listed, they aren't very responsive to my needs. Sigh. I e-mailed the vacationing computer guy, who I hope can get the printer back in service.

With all this stress, I had to calm down to actually do the puzzles. Nicole called in the middle of Sunday, and even with the somewhat long interruption I took less than 20 minutes, so my real time couldn't have been too awful. I've finished the past few Sundays in less than 10, which is unusual while proofreading. On the other hand, Saturday 8/4 took MORE than 10. Grr, I'm never on that constructor's wavelength.

By the time I finished, the cafeteria was serving dinner, but none of the selections appealed to me (I have to get up there during lunch sometime when there's more variety), so I went home. I stopped at the boycotted grocery for the first time in a few weeks, but they did not have the juice or blondies (or pupusas or grape leaves) I like. I did get some frozen yogurt and other items, so we're back in business. I'll probably never get loose fruit there again - who needs that hassle?

After eating, I still felt a little stressed out, so took a bathmat to sit on and went outside to read. Very pleasant. I finished a Star magazine from February. I should get some terrace furniture (and even plants), and take advantage of the luxury of the 18x6 space. [Update: I just ordered an outdoor folding recliner.] I heard my neighbor tell someone about his umbrella blowing away and the guards finding it on the ground, and how another time it went to the other terrace and was returned (yup, that was me). I just kept quiet and stayed on my mat (the terrace divider is opaque so we can't see each other).

I clipped off a large nail flap where I cut my finger last week, as it was almost coming off on its own. The cut was not deep and it doesn't hurt anymore, but the nail needs to grow back so it's even. I'm assuming nature will do this; otherwise the nail will look very weird.

Netflix lowered the price of my subscription plan - yay!

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