Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

A movie and some books

Tonight, the TV academy had a screening of "Stardust" at a theater in Union Square. I thought I had enough time to take the bus all the way down, but traffic ground to a halt at 34th and I got off and hopped on the BMT in order to make it there by 6. M was already on line, and the check-in went smoothly (as opposed to "Flushed Away" where no one knew anything but they let us in anyway). The stadium-style theater was packed, and the movie was good. Strange in spots. I hadn't read the book and knew nothing about it in advance.

Back home, I picked up an Amazon package. I had accumulated credit card rewards and it was time for another order - all puzzle books: "Weekend Crosswords 2 (Mel Rosen), "TV Drama Crosswords" (Stanley Newman), "Sit & Solve Crosswords 5" (Trip Payne), "Terribly Twisted Crosswords" and "Sit & Solve Travel Cryptic Crosswords" (Henry Hook), "Really Clever Crosswords 2" (David Levinson Wilk), and "How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword Puzzle" (Amy Reynaldo). "Classic Movie Crosswords" (Matt Gaffney) and "Cruciverbalism" (Stanley Newman) are on their way from marketplace vendors. I list these because last time I talked about a puzzle book order, people asked what I ordered.

There's unfortunately a major problem with Amy's book, which would have caused me to return it if I hadn't already done all the puzzles (all NYT, so I test-solved them at some point): the print for the puzzle clues is way too small! The book should have been regular puzzle book size or with larger print. You can't conquer the puzzle if you can't see the clues, and older people will not be happy. I haven't read the book, so can't comment on the content but thankfully, that print is normal size.

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