Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

How do you get anything done around here?

I finally unpacked clothes and toilet articles but not papers. Usually convention handouts end up in a pile tucked into the program, never to be seen again, but who knows.

Before leaving last week I had to do some work. Will was in LA before con, so the Times got done on Monday. I needed additional training in putting the puzzles directly on the server, but I think I know what to do now.

Uptown puzzles were due Wednesday. On Tuesday I saw one grid had numbering problems (at least this wasn't Wednesday), and asked them to correct and re-send. I went to the Times to print (their air conditioning is better than mine, so I didn't mind working there), but the PDF file would not cooperate. I couldn't print ANY pdfs, though other files worked fine. Since this wasn't NYT business, I couldn't ask the computer guys for help so kept running back and forth the not short distance to the printer trying different solutions. The movie critic sitting near Will's desk must have thought, "Who is this idiot running back and forth every minute?" (or, if he recognized me, "That idiot running back and forth is better at crosswords than computers").

Googling suggested printing as an image, which took longer but worked - but I couldn't get this to go on an 11 x 17 sheet (it wanted me to change settings ON the printer and not just the file) and letter paper was tiny. Finally we gave up and L physically brought the puzzle to me from 31st and Park. So much for technology.

To make things worse, they had installed a keyboard tray at the desk. I slid it out, put the keyboard on, and found the mouse cord was too short to reach its little platform. I had to move the computer closer in order to fit the mouse, and this was not comfortable. The ergonomic experts apparently hadn't used this model Mac. I decided to slide the tray back down but it wouldn't move, no matter how hard I pushed. Finally I managed to do this, and found it bumped against my knees. Definitely not ergonomic. Keeping the keyboard and mouse on the desk was fine, why did they have to ruin it?

Will said by e-mail that I could go ahead and have the tray removed. In the elevator some people happened to be complaining about this very thing, and gave me a number to call to get it uninstalled. I called that number yesterday, and they couldn't find Will in the directory (he did mysteriously disappear). They suggested another number, and I left a message. That person called back and I asked to have the tray removed, so we'll see what happens, even though Will doesn't officially exist at the moment.

Meanwhile, there were revisions in 3 puzzles from the day before, so I corrected them and reloaded them on the server. Apparently although I rescrambled them, I did not save the files properly since today's and yesterday's files ended up unscrambled. Growing pains of a new system.

Now who should I contact about the toilet paper being way too thin?

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