Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I'm totally useless today. I haven't even finished unpacking, and I didn't pack that much.

Since I'm behind in large puzzle event reporting, I think I'm going to alternate Stamford (remember that?) and con summaries.

But first, book update:

"Ralph's Party" by Lisa Jewell. British neighbors mix and match. Ralph pines for new flatmate Jem who is involved with the third roommate Smith, who lusts after the upstairs neighbor, who has an affair with another neighbor, who has a live-in girlfriend... It's not as complicated as it sounds, not especially fascinating, and there was lots of smoking of all kinds, and drinking - so ick.

"Bombshell" by Lynda Curnyn. Grace works for a cosmetics company, looks for Mr. Right, and deals with finding her natural mother. It was OK. Grace is supposed to be a Columbia grad, but the author refers to "the" College Walk and makes Grace a business admin. major (not possible for undergrads).

"Mutation" by Robin Cook. Biotech owner Victor experiments on his own fetus, resulting in creepy child VJ. I brought this for the trip, and finished it during the first plane ride.

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