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I hadn't heard from the computer-y company about my alleged credit card charge, so I got the credit card company to issue a credit. Disturbingly, they said it was set up as a recurring monthly charge and they couldn't guarantee it wouldn't be charged again in the future.

Meanwhile, the computer-y people did call back today, a woman with a thick accent who could barely understand me. I asked what this supposed software company's website was and how this order came through, and she couldn't give me that information. She promised to get it and call me back.

That was all way too fishy. Either this company doesn't really exist and is a scam for posting credit card charges, or someone stole my credit card number and charged it to this company, which even though it's a software-type company doesn't have a web site or any information out there about it. Either way, I called back the credit card company and closed out the card. They are supposed to give me a new card with a different number.

Unless I did order this computer-y thing from this strange company, in which case - oops.

Even though I don't shop much, I'm not immune to impulse buying. When I did Tanga regularly (just started again recently), I ordered one item, a fancy pot. When I first saw it, I thought it was ridiculously expensive for cookware but then read some reviews and decided I wanted it. It's been sitting on my stove for 7 months, unused.

I spoke too soon about needing to use my vegetables before they went bad. There was a not-so-fresh smell coming from the refrigerator, and it turned out half the zucchini was mushy, the lettuce was semi-liquid, and the cauliflower had some dark spots. I needed to cook up all the salvageable fresh veggies right away, and - voila! - would need the large Le Creuset pot. It was somewhat heavy when it came time to pour the liquid into the colander, but I managed. About 3/4 of the cooked mixture went into a vegetable-cheese-pasta casserole, and the rest into a refrigerator container. Maybe I was swayed by the hype about this pot, but the vegetables seemed especially delicious.

Other impulse buying: My most-used favorites tabs are for Blogs and Book Clubs (where I trade books). I also have Bookstores, and opened the tab and was idly checking the sites. I started looking up books on my wishlist that aren't in the NY Public Library (and thus, need to be bought or traded for), and before I knew it, I'd ordered 17 books for $53.17 (the books were just 17.68, but the 35.49 shipping was the killer). I already have piles and piles of unread books. Luckily, I don't do this that often, and the price is reasonable even with shipping.

Speaking of books, "The Boston Marathon" (1979) by Joe Falls took forever, like, well, a marathon. I've watched the New York City marathon on TV, more for the scenery than any interest in running. I was very relieved to finish this book.

A much quicker read was "Tabloid Love" by Bridget Harrison. I loved this true story by a Brit working for the NY Post about her adventures with reporting and dating. I loved it even though there was lots of smoking and drinking (ick).

I was feeling some mouth pain (uh-oh!), so of course it's the weekend. I'll call the dentist Monday. Usually when this happens it's sinuses and the pain goes away. I haven't been to the dentist in over 1.5 years so I need to go anyway, but I hope I won't need emergency treatment just before traveling.

Upcoming traveling and a filled hamper meant it was laundry time. The laundry room was really crowded, though it might always be that way Saturday afternoons. My card only had 1.00 so I had to run upstairs to get more money, saying, "Don't use those machines on the end, I'll be right back!" to a man entering with a filled cart. No one removed my laundry (it was dry, so obviously hadn't been done yet), and I ran it twice to avoid detergent residue. Even on the second run with just water and no detergent, the water was sudsy so that was disturbing. I dried it for 2 cycles, so this took all afternoon.

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