Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Sing out, Louise

When my mother was a little girl in Brooklyn, she sang on the radio. One of her contemporaries from the radio went to Camp Lincoln and Laurel with her and was the star of all the shows. In the camp picture, the two of them are side by side in the front row: my mother (second from left) at age 9 chubby with long braids, not a happy camper, the other little girl (on left) absolutely gorgeous with curly red hair and a big smile.

That other little girl was Beverly Sills (then Bubbles Silverman). Even then she had stage presence. They did not stay in touch. My mother sent me the picture when Sills was scheduled to give the awards at Stamford. I was going to get it signed and see if she remembered that summer at camp.

Beverly Sills canceled. Over the years, I thought of contacting her office and getting the picture signed anyway, as a surprise for my mother who could use a boost in spirits.

Now it's too late.

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