Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I'm getting into very mundane topics, so I'd better do that Stamford write-up soon before everyone falls asleep.

This morning Dean was discussing gardening (click!) and Howard was a rerun (click!) so I listened to the psychic, back to the Howard rerun, and then Lynn before getting dressed at 3. I didn't have any urgent shopping needs but thought I should get out of the house on a nice day. I didn't put on contacts or make-up, and wore a non-matching outfit, not exactly movie star-worthy.

First order of business was mailing the at-homes I'd graded. The mailbox on Amsterdam was gone due to construction, so I walked north on Broadway until I found a box. The northerly Gristedes had no good on-sale muffins, no MM raspberry, and no Edy's peanut butter cup, so I hit a health food store. They didn't have carrot cake organic rice cream, but I got banana fudge, Stoneyfield Farm creme caramel, diet blondies, and the spinach egg rolls Fresh Direct has been out of.

By now it was almost 5 and I didn't think the halal cart was still on 96th (but didn't get close enough to check), and just got 2 slices of white pizza from Famiglia for dinner.

I wanted to watch the rest of the "World Series of Pop Culture" marathon but it had scrolled off TiVo, so I saw a Dateline NBC interview with Princes William and Harry. We used to have a picture of the bonny young princes on the office door (you there, Tanya?). I forgot to catch yesterday's concert, but 10 years ago I watched so much Princess Di coverage I had the film clips practically memorized.

I set the machine to tape "Camouflage" and watched it in slightly delayed real time. It's much harder than it looks! There are familiar names in the credits if you look carefully. They showed online leaderboards, so I went to the computer to play online for the second show. You have to click the letters with the mouse instead of typing words in.

I finished "Flip Flopped" by Jill Smolinski. I never felt completely at home in the Hawaiian setting, but there were moments of hilarity, including on-the-fly birthday goody bags with a can of food and CD, and a subplot concerning Monkee Davy Jones.

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