Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The absolute worst thing you can do to me is accuse me of lying. I am honest to a fault.

Today at the Associated supermarket at 13 West 100th Street, the cashier rang up 2 peaches at 1.29/pound. When I said they were from outside at .99/pound she did not want to believe me. We went outside, and I showed her they were in a bin with a sign saying "peaches and nectarines" (with mostly nectarines) at .99/pound. We got the manager, who said customers may have wrongly put back peaches in that bin, because they had a different number on the sticker. And (paraphrasing) you can't charge lettuce prices for meat mistakenly put with the lettuce. Still, these peaches looked like the other peaches in that bin, what was I supposed to do? (I just went back to the store and checked - my peaches had sticker number 4038, and the 1.29 peaches had number 4401; no other peaches in the store had 4038 so I can only assume the 4038 peaches were indeed in the correct bin.)

I was about to leave my groceries at the cash register and never shop there again. They finally did let me have the peaches at .99/pound. At first, the cashier subtracted them entirely, giving them to me for free. But I didn't want something for nothing, only at the price they were supposed to be. So I paid the 58 cents. The disputed amount here is 18 cents.

Even though this was resolved, I'm still debating whether to shop there again. Normally I like this store which has a good selection for such a small place. I've praised them in the past. And they were accommodating and pleasant in the end.

But doubt my word and I get very upset. Instead of costing me 18 cents, it'll cost you thousands of dollars. My financial records show I've spent $8226.56 at this store since 11/29/88, and $1762.15 in the year ending 5/17/07.

I told the manager I would write about this. If you're reading this, you can redeem yourself by stocking Minute Maid Light Raspberry Passion and the diet blondies that are usually by the cash register (they were out of them today). Then I'll be back in a flash.

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