Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

There's always something to kvetch about.

This week the puzzles were ready early (yay) and I went to do them at the Times. Before that, I stopped at the 42nd St. P.O. but it was unusually crowded and I didn't feel like waiting. At the Times, I had a hard time reading the puzzles because the lights were too dim. This may have been true before and I didn't notice, but the two rows of lights near me were definitely dimmer than the rest.

I called (after getting switched a few times), and they said this is controlled by computer and they'd have someone come up. While I waited, I went to an empty, brighter desk nearby and solved the puzzles. Eventually I saw an engineer, who was actually there to see about the air conditioning. Come to think of it, it was kind of warm. He had gotten my message and said he'd look into it later. I'm wondering if the sunlight from the windows is triggering something, but the lights were bright further down at the same distance from the windows. I guess it's a good thing I'm not there all the time, though I had been thinking it would be a good, nondistracting place to get work done.

We've never figured out why I can't send out puzzles from the Mac at the Times, and have to recopy everything to my Windows PC at home and distribute from there. Nicole from Digital came down (now that we're finally in the same building) and attempted to fix this. We made sure the preferences had the timer OFF, since that was one of the issues. We also previously had problems with special characters and people not being able to open the files. I sent a test file to Nucky, who opened the file, and said the accents and other marks looked OK and the timer was not running. Fingers crossed, I sent a puzzle to the entire mailing list - only to hear that the timer was running for a Windows user. Grrrr.

Maybe this doesn't matter, as long as the timer isn't running for a file posted on the server, as opposed to a file received by e-mail. We're looking into having me directly post these files (I already do this for the Sunday print puzzle, and learned how to post the Java acrostic files), so we need to make sure the timer still works.

Back home I thought I'd try a Lean Cuisine panini I got from Fresh Direct, only to find it's microwave only and I don't have a microwave. It's possible there will be future work in my microwave-containing office, but right now this item is useless. I wrote to the manufacturer asking if there's any other way to cook this, and to FD asking for a refund.

I got an e-mail from my TV org. for a screening of "License to Wed" tonight at 6 or 7 (it wasn't totally clear), and was tempted to accept. The Sunday puzzle actually came last night, and I processed it early this afternoon. However, I didn't know if the dailies could be done in time so didn't reserve the movie. Good thing, since I didn't get out of there until 8 pm. Oh well, can't go gallivanting to movies when there's work to do. They have an alternate showing, but that conflicts with another movie I already booked through a different organization for later this week. Feast or famine, as always.

I need to go feast on something other than chicken panini.

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