Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I listened to Dean's Martha Stewart show but couldn't relate to pet discussions (supporting friends goes only so far) and switched to Howard. After an interview with Darrell Hammond (funny impressions), the discussion ended up focusing on Howard 100 news staffer and my former co-worker "High-Pitch Mike." Mike was a very good sport while they ragged on him in a hilarious segment.

I had a Fresh Direct order coming between 2-4. My doorbell isn't very loud and I almost missed them last time (they came early and I was asleep), so I went downstairs around 1:30 to tell the concierge to CALL when FD came so I'd be sure to know they were there. This is not hard because the desk connects to everyone's phone. He wrote this down.

About 20 minutes later, the doorbell rang. They were early. No phone call. I was in the other room listening to the radio, but did hear it. Either the guy downstairs ignored my request, or misunderstood and thought I was telling him I was expecting the delivery and to let the guy up, or maybe was on break. Anyway, no harm done.

Weird ad for Sunsilk hair products: a drawing of a whip and a high-heeled boot with lettering in the boot saying, "My frizz is so wild even a dominatrix couldn't tame it."

Online weather said it was in the 60s and I wondered if I'd need a sweater, but wore just a skirt and blouse. It seemed very hot and humid so I'm glad I didn't bother. I got to the Ziegfeld for the movie and Helene was already in line. People nearby had white food containers with meat and white sauce, and I realized the (reportedly) best halal stand in the city was nearby. We were joined by 2 other puzzlers who wish to remain anonymous, and didn't mind the long wait because the company was good. A guy was passing out flyers for another movie, but you had to be 17-34, which none of us could pass for.

The line was moving very slowly and it didn't look like the movie would start on time at 7. They were checking carefully for recording devices and making people check computers, though I saw lots of cell phones once we were inside. By the time we got in, the only seats for 4 together were near the front on the side (the balcony was reserved for VIP tickets), but it wasn't bad. They started with 2 kid comedians who didn't seem ready for prime time, but who knows, in 10 years I could say I saw them when.

Finally the movie. "Ratatouille" (whose brilliant idea was that title? - hard to say and harder to spell) was cute, a little like "Flushed Away" but better. But I had a hard time getting over the fact that these were supposed to be RATS, especially when large numbers of them swarmed around. Ewwwww. We were curious who did the voices, and the credits showed some big names.

The consensus afterward was to go to the Burger Joint in the Parker Meridian, which only has hamburger, cheeseburger and grilled cheese, not my first choices of cuisine. But I was willing to try it. When I worked at 59th and Park, people made special trips there for lunch, and it has a great reputation. The place is like a speakeasy, with the entrance hidden in a dark corner of the hotel lobby. Inside, it's an old-fashioned hamburger place, kind of cool. I had a plain hamburger. We had a booth under a wall signed by celebs, including Robin Byrd with a drawing of 2 eyes - oh wait, those aren't eyes. We didn't sign, despite our great celebrity. I was taught that you can always go to the ladies room in hotel lobbies, but this place required a key card (which we got from a guard).

We walked across 57th, passing fab-looking people coming out of the Eartha Kitt 80th birthday concert at Carnegie Hall, but no one I recognized. I stopped at the Associated, picked up prepared spinach rolls and eggplant parmesan, but they had no raspberry juice so I put back the dishes (too fattening, and I had plenty of food at home) and left. Even though it was after 11, I took the bus up since it was a nice, warm night and lots of people were around. Between the large number of at-homes I did in the morning and the social activity later on, it was a busy day.

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