Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

After working so intensely on the TV show, I've gotten back to being so lazy that if I do any work, I feel I deserve a vacation. I just sent in LA Times (6 Sunday puzzles). Party time! Oh wait, there are still at-homes to process.

"Fragile Dreams and Old Photographs" by Elizabeth Gibson took forever to read, but I finally finished. A downer of a book, much of which is set on an isolated farm (ick, nature). There was some tension when a character got involved with a scary drug dealer, but most of the time the story didn't move much. The good news is with that out of the way, I've started reading "The Starter Wife."

The January Star Magazine I was reading showed Will Ferrell "cheering on his older son Magnus at the 2-year-old's soccer game." Two-year-olds play soccer?

On Friday a DHL envelope arrived with 4 free passes to a "Ratatouille" preview, with a poster and activity book. I'm not sure why I got this. It was from my former company Buena Vista at the Times Square address of my former office. But we never got freebies while working there, so who knows. If anyone else got this, let me know (or I'll see you there).

Just to show the nut doesn't fall far from the tree, my mother called to talk about Paris Hilton.

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