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Media sponge

I went to the NYT yesterday and again did my song and dance to the guard about not having a new ID yet, and he had my new ID card. Yay! (And this means I don't have to talk about this again.) I loaded some money on it online but didn't get to the cafeteria to use it.

The new building is so pleasant, I could see going there to work if home gets too distracting. I still have significant volume of at-homes to grade, as well as LA Times due this weekend (I've done 2 of the 6 puzzles), so we'll see if I can be productive today.

I spoke too soon about TiVo problems being solved. It didn't do yesterday's scheduled download, saying it couldn't access my account. Other than the DSL being on (and filtered) at the time, I don't know what could have caused the problem. A manual download worked, so that's some solace.

As long as the TiVo was on, I watched "The Starter Wife," all 5 hours shown so far. Just the kind of trashy Hollywood story I love. I have the book, and moved it to the top of the "to be read" pile. [Edited to add: Oh, and it's directed by Jon Avnet, Great Neck North '67, married to Barbara Brody who lived around the corner from me.]

I also fast-forwarded through 3 hours of saved Winter Olympics coverage (at least it's 2006 and not 2002), so I could clear some space. This segment included skiing, Lindsay Jacobellis's snowboard showboating that cost her the gold, and compulsory ice dancing (I could not watch the same waltz with the same music multiple times).

"Wordplay" was constantly compared to "Spellbound," which is also sitting on TiVo. So before buckling down to work, I watched the first 20 minutes. I found myself constantly tearing up seeing my younger counterparts. Our stories are totally different, but it struck a chord. I'll probably end up getting the DVD.

It's cheating to say I *finished* "The Bullfighter Checks Her Makeup: My Encounters with Extraordinary People" by Susan Orlean, since I skipped the pieces that originally appeared in the New Yorker. I subscribe and either already read or will read them (I'm about 10 years behind). This left just a few articles, including the title story of a female Spanish bullfighter. I met the author when she did a "Talk of the Town" on Games play-testing (using only our first names).

Now that I'm not getting dressed and commuting in the morning, I've had a chance to hear Dean's morning show on Sirius Martha Stewart channel. Gardens, crafts, and decorating are a totally foreign land, and I'm usually too lazy to do much cooking. But it's good to hear him on the air again. The New York-accented psychic Mary O. on Sirius Stars is also strangely compelling even though I don't completely buy it (she was called over to Howard the other day to try to guess the secret password Artie Lange arranged with his dead father). Since Howard repeats all day, and Lynn Samuels reruns from 3-5 a.m. I can usually catch most of what I want to listen to.

Work, reading, TV and radio (and I also did some online puzzles). I love it.

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