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If LJSeek.com can be trusted, it looks like I didn't talk about my TiVo woes. In April, I got a message that I had no more listings (which are normally 2 weeks ahead). The message boards suggested redoing guided setup, and this eventually worked (along with rebooting the TiVo and cable boxes), though at one point I completely screwed up the channel changing and thought I'd need outside help.

I don't watch TV that often, and just found out that my listings again dried up and TiVo didn't have a successful download in 2 weeks. I rebooted the cable box (no help), and then tested the phone connection. It not only couldn't retrieve my account info, but got stuck on that screen so I couldn't reboot from the menu. Corey set the whole thing up and I didn't even know where the power switch was (it's not on the front or anywhere obvious), so I had to call for help.

The rep had me unplug and replug the cord (which is in the back right, luckily reachable in the cabinet), which rebooted the machine. Then she told me to turn off DSL (even though it's filtered and never gave me problems before), and do a download. I held my breath while it took a long time, but it connected (yay), and downloaded (yay). It also did another download today so fingers crossed. I'm not sure why it gets out of synch, and hope the recorder isn't dying. I have the lifetime (of the machine) plan and it's only been 4.5 years.

Once the TiVo was working again, I took the opportunity to watch some "Cash Cab" (very appealing show), "Chain Reaction" (people, LEARN the show and practice the end game! I haven't seen anyone play the final round well), and very belatedly 2005's "Jeopardy!" Ultimate Tournament of Champions finals. When I recorded the UTOC, the shows piled up faster than I could watch and much of it scrolled off. I did save the finals and it was fun to watch, even though I knew the result.

I finished 2 more books. Remember, I always have 10 books and 12 magazines going, alternating reading as little as a page or two in each. Sometimes I plow through quickly, but other books take months. So finishing something doesn't mean I just read the whole book, but finally got those last few pages done. I don't usually mention magazine articles, but a 1999 Vanity Fair had a fascinating one about finding George Mallory's frozen remains on Everest. The books were:

"The Right People" by Stephen Birmingham. The author is famous for "Our Crowd" which I have, but haven't read. I've only read (and love) his novels, which deal with scandals and intrigue among the rich. This nonfiction book was about WASP society in various locales. Published in 1968, it seemed a bit dated though I think this culture still exists.

"Women About Town" by Laura Jacobs. This Penguin book had an author interview and study questions in the back, so it appeared to be a cut above typical chick lit. But nothing much happened in this story of two women working in the arts in New York.

Last week at the Times, I was told to come between 10-11 to arrange for the new building ID. I got there at 10 today, but the guard only gave me the ID guy's number and not his location (so I couldn't just show up), and he never returned my call. Will's phone did ring twice and no one was on the other end, so maybe I just don't understand the fancy new phones. The guard said there was a card for me in the system and thought it might be at my "department"; however, people in both Digital Media and the print side knew nothing about it, so the card could be in the ether. My DM contact reported later that someone there might indeed have it and if not, the ID guy (who they managed to reach) said to just send along my name.

After the lack of success getting the card in the morning, I learned the puzzles wouldn't be ready until mid-afternoon and it would only be Sunday's. I brought 3 LA Times puzzles to proofread, my headphones and 3 magazines, so that wasn't a problem. One of the LATs was missing a grid, but I did the other two, tried listening to Lynn Samuels (too distracting), did hear some Howard replays, and went out to the P.O. and found a halal stand on 42nd (cheaper but not quite as good as the one in the Village). I had no card to get back in the building, but they're being lenient about the old cards; besides, all the guards know me after 11 years. Before leaving, I checked out the new cafeteria which is gorgeous. Food payment is via funds loaded in your ID card, so I'll wait until I have the card. The old cafeteria food was terrible, but supposedly it's now really good.

On the way home, a woman was walking 2 fluffy white dogs on CPW and I thought, "Ick, dogs." She then told me she and her husband just saw the "Wordplay" DVD and recognized the buildings, and he'd even competed and had a good time.

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