Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Life of a Freelancer

When you're a freelancer, every day is the weekend!

When you're a freelancer, every day is also a work day. :(

It's sometimes hard to keep a balance without a defined work schedule. I'm fortunate to have enough work to keep me busy and to pay the rent (which isn't hard, given my rent), but it's very draining to have deadlines and assignments hanging over me day and night.

I wake up thinking, "Wow, this is great! I don't have to go anywhere" (this feels especially good on bitter cold, winter days). Then I realize, "But I need to make progress on this job if I don't want to pull an all-nighter the day it's due."

I've had one project after another in recent weeks. I enjoy my work, so this isn't a problem. I love my "commute" from the bed to the desk. But I'm tired. I just E-mailed corrections at 6:36 a.m. (that was "up late," not "up early") and conked out until just now (2 pm). That's a full "night's" sleep, and I'm ready to start the day. But I'm still tired, drained.

Here's a concept - I'm going to take today off! OK, I didn't do any work Saturday but the Haystack took a LOT out of me (which was a problem Sunday, when I really did need to make progress on the job I just finished). I deserve a "weekend" even if it's only for a day.

Tomorrow I have to go to the Times, and should finish the batch of Cross Sums, grade some At-Home puzzles, and start on the next set of 6 LA Times (I now have 5 of them). But that's tomorrow.

Today is for recharging. TiVo (I've watched almost no TV this summer). Reading. Piano. Online trivia. I might even go back to sleep!

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