Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Like a broken record

Once again, Rhapsody lost my 2500+ subscription tracks. This time I remembered it had happened (at least twice) before and did what worked in the past: Updated the software (nope), uninstalled and reinstalled (nope), deleted specific index files and let them regenerate (nope), reauthorized my computer and reauthorized the tracks (nope). Time to call customer service.

While I was on hold, I saw an online suggestion to delete a different index file for this newest version, and that seemed to work. I had a new problem of being thrown off the server approximately every 2 minutes. They had me disable the firewall, change a bunch of security settings, and sign in manually from now on (a minor inconvenience). Who knows if that screwed up other applications, but Rhapsody is working again. And I had to redownload everything from iTunes. And it lost the "Wordplay" playlist (again).

Love the application, hate the program.

With Rhapsody operational again, I fired up Joni Mitchell's "Ladies of the Canyon." Whatever teenage angst it evoked is gone, but the music is still great. I remember playing "The Circle Game" for H's birthday the summer of 1971 ("So the years spin by and now the boy is 20"), and now it's 2007 so you do the math.

Speaking of birthdays, cousin Stella is a year old, and I went to her party yesterday. Lots of babies there, as well as family, friends, neighbors, and rockers. (Putting A's music on Rhapsody.)

I'm making progress in the pile of at-homes, and in the pile of reading, finishing:

"Full House" by Janet Evanovich. A tepid romance with a small mystery thrown in. SPOILER: I knew there was something fishy about the ineffective exterminator/handyman.

"Learning Curves" by Gemma Townley. British chick-lit about an estranged daughter doing corporate espionage on her father. Pretty good, and it got snapped up immediately on BookMooch.

Father's Day: I don't have a Daddy anymore. :(

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