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My mother's phone call woke me up today (when the phone rings, it's almost always my mother)...at 6:30 p.m.! I'm still not fully functional (or dressed), so I'm not celebrating ennirol's birthday in Brooklyn tonight.

Last night I got some second wind after being worried I'd keel over at the desk, but elected not to go to a wrap outing (ick, drinking!). Back home after midnight, I did some Web reading, and was IMing with Nonny from VJ (who attended almost all my show's tapings) when I saw it was 6 a.m. The rest of the day is a haze, so I must have slept a lot.

I was asked to stay on and do some web game research for another show for a few weeks, but turned it down since I prefer reviewing research to doing it (just like I'd rather edit than write), have to get at-home puzzles out, and really need a rest. I haven't touched Sirius all month (I can't work and listen to the radio at the same time) and there's reading and puzzles to do!

In the whirlwind of work, I managed to finish:
"Good-Bye, Pretty One" by Lucille Warner, a 1983 teenage novel. I don't know why I keep reading these books I'm really too old for. Maybe it's because I bought a whole box of them on eBay. The heroine is so vacuous that her boyfriend ditches her, and then she gets a job, learns responsibility, and grows up over the summer. Yawn.

"Citizen Girl" by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus of "Nanny Diaries" fame. I moved this to the top of the pile after I sort of met one of the authors. I didn't like it as much as "Nanny" but it wasn't bad. I'm still not exactly sure what Girl did in her new job, and some of it was kind of dark, but... again, not bad.

I always list full names of books and authors in case they're Googling themselves, and sure enough, John Sellers said he got a Google alert when I mentioned his book - that's "Perfect From Now On" (hi, John). I still haven't read it (who ARE those bands?) but maybe one day. I worked with John in the early days of the ex-job, and again this month.

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