Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Getting to be a weekly blog

In my semi-retired life, I spent lots of time browsing through other people's blogs, writing my own, and generally wasting a lot of time. Those days are a dim memory right now, and blogging's gotten to be once a week. And I still haven't recapped Stamford.

Last Sunday I was showered and ready to dress, and suddenly napping looked really appealing and I ended up sleeping instead of going back to the office. The work's been piling up (everyone is very productive, which means more work for me), and 11-hour days aren't cutting it, so I went in yesterday for 10 hours.

Today I gave myself an ultimatum - either go back to the office or do the laundry. I did the laundry, which had piled up so much that it contained thermal tights. I had already emptied the hamper into a cart a while ago in order to put more in the hamper. Still, it only took up one triple-load machine and one regular one.

When everything was dry (after a double drying time of an hour), I put on a newly washed T-shirt, and it smelled like detergent. This scared me, since I'm convinced detergent led to my hives problems. A towel also smelled detergenty, so I decided to put the nice dry and fluffy wash back for another rinsing (washing machine with no detergent) and drying. This has been an all-day project.

I have plenty of work to do at home, but haven't been productive today. I did the LA Times this week, but it's almost time to do another batch (have 5 out of the 6 puzzles), and there are always at-homes; I do some every day but they never end. Someone else will do Uptown this month, since that deadline hits before the job ends.

Tomorrow it's back to the office which is officially closed (really, must do, no excuses). I wonder if the halal stand guys will be there on a holiday. I tried their chicken platter, which seemed a little spicy and I didn't like wasting calories on rice. But I tried it again, asking for salad and vegs. instead of rice, and this time it was good. They have some lamb and beef items, too, in a large container, for $5. There's often a line, but not if you go after 1:30. I may stop at the Associated on 57th for some prepared dishes to keep in the office refrigerator for the late hours expected in this final crunch time.

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