Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Weekend? What weekend?

I haven't posted much lately since I'm really really busy with work. I don't know how I did this for months at a time, but for a few weeks I can manage.

I went to the office yesterday from 4:15-9:45 and I'll be heading out today also. And possibly every day through the end. There was one stretch at the old place where I worked every single day including weekends from just after Labor Day through just before Thanksgiving. I'm a bit slow (and thorough!) and sometimes I need to do this.

At home, I'm churning out at-homes (puzzles). On Friday, I finally got the stamps I ordered online last Sunday (Priority Mail - some priority) and mailed out 2 shopping bags-ful yesterday. And there are plenty more to do. Also need to finish LA Times and a few stray cross-sums.

I was interviewed for the Sun article on crossword blogs, though this isn't really a crossword blog as puzzle specifics are rarely discussed. Since I'm conveniently in NYC, they said they might arrange for a photographer Friday morning. On Friday, I felt and looked drained and unphotogenic and thought I'd refuse the photo, but they never called and I ended up on the newspaper equivalent of the cutting room floor.

I'm reading more magazines during the longish subway commute, but fewer books as I drop off to sleep almost immediately. I don't think I reported on finishing "Ask Me Anything" by Francesca Delbanco, about a teen advice columnist who spends most of her time on acting with her old pals from Harvard. Along the way, she has an affair with her best friend's father (ewwww) and ends up with a dashing Irish playwright (oops, SPOILER). Not the best and not the worst thing I've read.

Someone from our other office who I had worked with before came to help out and mentioned he not only saw "Wordplay" but got the companion book. And in college he read the WSJ article for a class. I saw on a blog that someone in CA saw the movie in class so crosswords are edging into curricula. Watch out, Will, there may be other Enigmatology majors on the horizon!

I was going to get dressed at 12:30, so time to get moving. And I'll get up tomorrow (much earlier) and do this all over again.

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