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What's happening in 1969 besides Woodstock?

Countdown to college is progressing.

Saturday, August 16, 1969

My timing seems to be getting into a pattern since Dr. Ed. ended. I wake up every day around 12:30. After washing up, I go to Mommy's room where the mail usually is.

J [classmate also going to Barnard] called me. She is going to drive up for orientation with us. Her parents will take us back here Sunday for Yom Kippur. R called too. I told her I began a diary.

I'm really glad I got dressed, because at 3 the doorbell rang. I opened the door, and there stood R [male; there are 3 R's], sideburned. M was behind him. They came in. "Aren't you going to ask us to sit down?" M queried. We went to the family room and sat on the red couch. They had a lot of in-jokes. We decided songs in 1966 were the best. M asked if I had any new records, and we decided to listen to the first Blood Sweat & Tears album. I brought it into the study, since the family room stereo doesn't work.

R just got his hair cut this morning, but said his sideburns were around his neck. M said HIS almost met each other and could have kissed. When "I Can't Quit Her" came on, M played it 3 times, very loud. R had to call his mother at 4, so the machine was turned low. M started making it gradually louder until it blasted. R's mother was mad because he forgot to look at some shirts. "Megan's Gypsy Eyes" was on by then and, hanging up, R reported that they had to go back and look at the shirts. They filed out and M said he'd see me again soon. It was a nice visit.

I went upstairs, and found Nana had come. I couldn't hear her over the noise. She chalked the hems on a few summer skirts.

That night, R came. We looked at pictures from her Sweet 16, in a special book. Then we worked on a jigsaw puzzle in the kitchen. We did the ends, the blue and some of the green.

Sunday, August 17, 1969

Good news - Doreen is coming, probably this week! I hope she and Deena [other Montreal cousin my age] will be here the same time.

Monday, August 18, 1969

I couldn't get to sleep last night until around 5 a.m. so getting up at 10:15 to go to the orthodontist wasn't easy. After Dr. B's, we stopped at the school to get Linda's board scores. She wouldn't look at them until later, at home. They were good [she went to Barnard early decision].

We also exchanged my culottes for an 11, which I should fit in about 5 pounds. Then to Elm Dairy. A too-bubbly lady waited at the counter. She asked if we went to school here, and was really shocked I'd be going to college next year. She probably thought we were about 12. That always happens. "What a weirdo," Linda said as we left.

At home, Mae [maid - yeah, we had one] told me the "girl who drives a car" was here and would be back later. I called C, and her mother said she was at E's [next door]. I called her there and she told me they were taking a collection for baby P [son of our teacher]. I didn't know he existed, but he was born last Wednesday. E came to the door a few minutes later and I gave her $2. She starts school Sept. 14.

Made arrangements to take the 10:55 train to the city tomorrow with R. Her mother suggested a museum, if we were culturally inclined, but I'd rather be a cultural boor.

Tuesday, August 19, 1969

I left notes for everyone to wake me up by 9:45 so I wouldn't miss the train, but the alarm was sufficient to arouse me. The mail was in the cubbyhole, and I got a mysterious letter from an L, who turned out to be my Barnard sponsor, and one from J at camp. The letters were nice. L's letter especially made me feel closer to college. It's exciting and terrifying.

R and I took the train to Penn Station, walked to 5th Ave., and started uptown. All that day I just couldn't believe I was in the city. First stop was the Dennison party shop. There is a tremendous stationery selection, but I have a lot and would have only bought if something REALLY inspired me, which didn't occur. We saw the giant paper flower collection upstairs. Then we crossed the street and walked to a store called Azuma, like La Koo Koo in GN, but better. Psychedelic colored gadgets and posters were in front. We stopped in Doubleday's, where I got the Hunter Davies Beatles biography.

We ate at Schrafft's. The atmosphere of the restaurant was nice and New Yorky - hustle and bustle but a slightly relaxed air inside, and a feeling that we were participating in a scene which could have been played exactly the same way 20 years ago.

We walked to 48th St. where Brentano's is. It looked small from the outside but was amazing inside. Just as good as the Harvard Coop, without the textbooks and fewer posters. The paperback section was eye-popping. I ended up with "The Strawberry Statement" and a jigsaw puzzle. It was heavenly. I have a feeling I'll be there many more times.

We stopped for another bite in a luncheonette which also could have been in an oldish movie. I can't quite describe the feeling the city gives me. When R told N she was going to the city with me, N was shocked and said it was a case of "the blind leading the blinder." We talked about J's mother, who was told in Feb. to lose 30 lbs. for a gall bladder operation. She was so upset when she heard this, that she immediately ate a whole cake and gained 15 lbs. by June.

On the train home, I showed R L's letter, which she thought nice. We got home fairly fast. R's mother was waiting for us, and drove me home. I was hot and very tired.

Wednesday, August 20, 1969

Today I got the Barnard Student Handbook. So MANY dorm rules, but I wish I were to be living in one anyway.

C came over. We played piano duets, and then looked through the yearbook, noting whose houses we'd been at and who came to our houses.

Thursday, August 21, 1969

I should have slept late, going to sleep again near 4 a.m., but was rudely awakened by Mommy saying, "Don't wake up Ellen." Linda and I had a lot of work to do on the room (I had carted away 3 crates of messiness yesterday). On "Bewitched" Samantha jokingly said she went to the moon in a strangely dated episode.

Doreen comes Saturday and will stay all week.
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