Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,


I slept a lot today but then got dressed in preparation for my trip to the 24-hour post office.

I checked online, and the post office is indeed never closed, but the last pickup Saturday is 7 pm and the next pickup is Monday - so I don't think they'll be accepting the old postal rates today.

I probably could just dump everything in a mailbox tonight and hope they don't get hit for insufficient postage on the first day of the new rate, but I don't want to risk that.

So I went online and ordered stamps for the amount of the difference - 27 cents, and I had to get them in 24's and 3's. They should arrive in a few days. I won't put in to be reimbursed, since I should have gotten these out before the rate change.

I'll also need $1.14 stamps for the future, but they don't exist yet. I got a few more 87 + 24 + 3 for the time being.

Now I have to continue grading puzzles and calculating scores on the graded puzzles. I've filled a tote bag with completed work, and will have enough to fill two more.

LA Times is coming due again, and I've done 2 of the 6 puzzles.

Oh, and that full-time job.

Lots of work!

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