Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Good intentions

Twice the office toilet paper supply has been dangerously low, so I decided to bring in a roll of my own. Good thing, since it was completely out on Friday afternoon and I had to use the emergency roll. But what's a little toilet paper when you can see Tina Fey in the elevator and a famous TV chef in our very offices. Not that I have.

As I was about to cross the street to the grocery last night, a jogger stopped me, "You probably get this all the time, but..." Well, not ALL the time. His wife thought she recognized me and made him run over to confirm.

With Monday's imminent postal rate increase, I needed to get out as many at-home puzzles as possible today. After crashing Friday at the end of an intense week of work, I woke up in the middle of the night and started grading. I had 36 to grade from scratch (15-20 minutes each), and my helper was due to return 70 more this morning. She notes the number of correct words, and I compute the scores and standings, which takes 5 minutes each. So already there was too much to do before the P.O. closes at 4 pm. And there's another pile of later-dated submissions I haven't even opened.

I graded 13 before I started feeling sleepy, decided to "nap" and woke up at 2:46 pm. Oh well. The bag of puzzles from my helper was at the desk downstairs, but there was no time to process them. So I washed and dressed, and personally brought the 13 puzzles to the P.O. mail slot to be sure they'd go at the old rate (and on the way back picked up still more puzzles at the mailbox). I'll do more and bring them to the main, never-closed P.O. tomorrow, in the hope that I can still get the old rate.

On the way to the P.O. I stopped at the library to pick up the 2 holds that have been waiting awhile. Only they weren't there - I needed to get them by May 7 and 10. Didn't think the library would be that efficient. And my online account has the "hold cancelled" notices listed under "blocks" which could restrict my borrowing privileges.

Dear New York Public Library:

I think the public library is the best thing ever invented.

I had 2 books on hold that were sent from another branch, but could not pick them up until today. Unfortunately, the holds had expired.

In the future, I promise to pick up all holds in a timely manner. Please do not restrict my borrowing privileges.

Sincerely, En

AOL has a banner ad with Peggy "Flemming." The world needs to be proofread.

Mr. Y told me Ms. Z (their real initials, amazingly) has been reading this blog. Hi!

Happy Birthday to Linda May 11 and to Joel May 19.

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