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Still not my tournament update

A constructor who will not be named had the following theme entry in a "strings of names" puzzle:


An editor who will not be named published this.

The Tribeca Film Festival starts this week, and I went to pick up my daytimer pass. They had a record of the purchase, but the pass was not ready because they had no record of receiving my picture, which was the same one I used last year. They said the old one should still be in the system, but 2 different people weren't having luck finding it. I re-spelled the last name and wondered if it was misspelled last year.

Turns out they thought I said Helen - but why did it take so long before they noticed there was an Ellen with the exact same information? That solved, they printed up the pass, and it said Helen. The guy was about to just take the H off and make it Elen, but we finally got it correct. I didn't think Ellen was that complicated a name. And they must not have seen "Wordplay" (speaking of which, there's a Shortz-edited movie crossword courtesy of the NYT in the Tribeca brochure, with no constructor named - and the URL for the answers doesn't work).

Now I have to figure out what to see. Last year, I made a detailed schedule and then changed most of it on the fly (which is the great thing about having a pass vs. individual tickets). I'm hoping I can do multiple movies in the same place on the same day. Lincoln Square is no longer a venue, and Kips Bay was added.

Books finished:

"My Latest Grievance" by Elinor Lipman. Delightful tale of academia from the viewpoint of the teenage daughter of 2 professors at a fictional Boston women's college. The father's first wife arrives on campus as a housemother, and complications ensue. Less dumb than it sounds. I don't know why the events were set in 1978, other than to be able to do "where are they now" at the end.

"The Second Seduction" by Frances Lear. The former wife of producer Norman had a LOT of therapy, making her memoir heavy on introspection and light on actual events in her not-always-easy life. Coincidentally, a 1996 Newsweek I was reading had her obit.

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