Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

TaxCut: The IRS Has Accepted Your Federal Tax Return


Still waiting on NYS and hoping they won't find some glitch, which is possible [RANT] considering the hour-long talk I had with TaxCut customer service last night about the fact that it does NOT compute 1040 line 10 if you had an state tax refund and paid the last month of estimated tax the following year (as EVERYONE does), and instead makes you go to IRS Publication 525 and manually do a convoluted calculation. Luckily, the instructions had an example of my situation so I just plugged in the numbers and hope I did it correctly. But yeesh, I'm sure more people have this situation than some of the weird forms included in the program.

I turned down a job yesterday to work on taxes, stayed up all night, and FINISHED around noon. I've been working on this since last weekend, which is how long it takes when you neglect Quicken for a year. I copied the cash flow report into Word and deleted items as I allocated them or decided they had no tax bearing.

Vast relief.

I felt like I didn't work much in 2006 and was scared my puzzle-related income wouldn't even hit 5 figures, but it did, just barely. And goes back to 4 when I subtract expenses. No problem, investments had a decent year.

Now I'm doing long-overdue laundry.

Oh, and I'm getting significant refunds - my income is too unpredictable to know how much to pay in estimated tax. Happy Birthday to me.

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