Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,



-the 3 jobs I needed to do
-I'm on the second day of entering financial records into Quicken; a year's worth of bank accounts is done, investment accounts are in progress

Still to go

-the rest of the investment accounts need to be entered in Quicken
-TaxCut needs to be loaded and the numbers entered, the usual tedious process that could take me right up to the deadline

So Stamford (which is getting to be a distant memory) and regular blogging are still on hold.

It looks like I never got paid for 2 jobs last year (which I definitely billed for by e-mail), but I'll wait until I've seen all the papers I threw in the "need for taxes" bin before complaining. I already found a live check among the receipts, which luckily was less than 6 months old and got deposited today.

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