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Family Matters

Before the tournament I kept thinking, "I need to do ___ after the tournament" and now it's after and I'm still catching up. I still have to blog about the tournament, but first...

I never understood people who walked around without money. What if there's no ATM handy and you need to take a cab or eat? I was never one of those people.

Until last week, when I somehow ended up with $20, even though I thought I had more left over after Stamford. I was working away from home and traveling with prepaid train tickets and didn't need cash, until I had to take a cab home late one night. I thought of going to the ATM in Grand Central, but knew the cab wouldn't be more than $20. So I was left with $7.

Sunday was a surprise milestone birthday party for my cousin at an Italian restaurant in Great Neck. I was to take the 4:17 train with another cousin and someone would pick us up and take us to the restaurant. Subways don't run as often on weekends, plus my train was held, and I got to Penn Station at 4:13. I checked the board - the train I thought was 4:17 was actually 4:14. And I didn't have a ticket. Or much cash. There was no time to buy a ticket or hit the ATM, and what if the ticket was more than $7 plus whatever I had in my change purse? Would they take credit cards onboard?

I had no choice, I HAD to make the train. Even if I had a cell phone to tell people I missed the train, I didn't have anyone's number and I couldn't call my cousin's house since it was a surprise party. Luckily the train was on track 20, which has a stairway near the subway exit, and I ran down and got on the last car just before the doors closed. I checked my wallet. I knew I had an unused ticket to Port Jefferson, which is much further out - maybe they'd honor that if I was short on cash? And then I saw an unused return ticket to Great Neck! WHEW!

I met up with everyone at the Great Neck station, and the party went smoothly. My cousin seemed surprised; I guess she didn't expect anything so close to Passover. There were 23 people and we split into 2 tables. I ended up with a few relatives, and friends and neighbors I didn't know - including a teacher who works with Randy Ross and Al DeSuda, and my cousin's neighbor who knows my third grade teacher who also lives on their block. I got a ride back, which was nice.

My mother's family could fit on the head of a pin and I saw them all this weekend. Monday's seder was at B&A's apartment in Manhattan, and most of the guests were A's family which seems considerably larger than ours. We were at 2 tables and someone at the other table nudged my cousin and asked if I was in "Wordplay." Recognized! Another lady thought I looked familiar and asked if I was at the seder last year (no, I was in Westchester), but she hadn't seen the movie so I don't know where she knew me from. We did an abbreviated service (we gave the 9- and 6-month-old babies a chance to ask the Four Questions but neither really talks yet, so 2 20-somethings shared them), a quick "Dayenu" and then the meal, catered from a kosher Moroccan place. Very good - salmon trumps gefilte fish any day, and the chicken, lamb and middle eastern vegetables were tasty. The matzo balls were nothing like Nana's, though.

I was assuming the job due April 3 was due Wednesday but April 3 was Tuesday! Luckily, I realized this in time and finished and brought it over today. I still have 3 jobs plus taxes (it'll be last minute, as usual) due soon. I'll probably return the library books due 4/6 unread since they have holds - even though there are plenty of unchecked-out copies - and can't be renewed.

Laundry is really piling up, too.

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