Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

By the time we got to Woodstock (NOT!)

The original Woodstock festival was held August 15-17, 1969. Here is my nerd's-eye view of it from afar. I'm excerpting just the Woodstock portions of my old diary entries.

August 16, 1969
[R came over] The only gossip she had was that D is going to Woodstock with J, which has druggy implications.

August 17, 1969
The Sunday Times had a lot about the Woodstock Festival, which sounds really disgusting - dirty and druggy.

I was listening to the Alan B phone-in talk show [on a CT station]. The calls were really interesting - mostly about Woodstock. Alan was putting down all the disgusting groovy-type hippies who called, man, and said like Woodstock was a gas ("So why did you leave?" Alan retorted). He said the promoters were only in it for the $ and didn't care if everyone had a beautiful Aquarian weekend.

I called C about 9:30. H, the girl she visited recently, was at Woodstock and was quoted in the Times (misquoted, actually). She hitched home. A [who wrote an article on it for 17 Magazine] went with B and J.

August 23, 1969
Micky [visiting cousin from Montreal] boasted of having attended the Woodstock thing. That kid is getting too old for that sort of thing at 23 [in hindsight, that's exactly the right age for that sort of thing].

August 25, 1969
I read a roundtable on Woodstock in the Times, where the participants knew of few people there who hadn't been stoned.

[At dinner] We talked about Micky. At Woodstock, he told Mommy, people would open their trunks and offer you drugs, which he claimed not to have taken, though he admits to having smoked in his life.

August 28, 1969
D was at Woodstock, and is harboring a 14-year-old runaway in his summer room in John Jay Hall, and is staying in GN because of that. At Woodstock, he said, one could just say "Ups, ups" and people would rush in to offer you some.
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