Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Is everyone ready?


I thought it was time to do the LA Times, but found I only had 5 puzzles, instead of the 6 I need for a batch. Two more just came, but I'll finish after the tournament.

I also have other work to do, but it doesn't seem to be happening tonight.

Tournament Prep

I don't know if I should finish the GWOPs, or bring those for between-round solving. I don't have any great puzzle books for between rounds, unless I find something I've overlooked.

Last time I checked, the Friday online puzzles weren't up, but I'll do those when available.

I got a battery for the old timer, but it's old and the buttons aren't always cooperative. The new timer has an annoying beep when started and stopped. I'll bring both and use the new one if the old one acts up.

I still have the large box of Office Depot pencils from last year, and will pre-sharpen a bunch. I never figured out how to work the portable sharpener I also bought last year. I've done almost no training in pencil. Oops, too late.

MUST must not forget glasses, since they did help my vision last year even if they looked awful. The contacts are OK for everyday use but not for little grid numbers. Vanity won out for the final, but difficulties there could not be blamed on eyesight.

Other Prep

Packing, what packing? Since last year went well, I might bring the same outfits, even though I've worn most of those things to previous tournaments and they weren't always lucky.

I've got the Marriott plain soap I requested last year, and will just bring it rather than run the risk they only have spa soaps I might be allergic to.

Laundry, what laundry? I bought pantyhose and other items at Duane Reade this afternoon so no laundry is necessary.

Must not forget Claritin in case of sudden allergies or Vanquish in case of sudden headache.

Haircut happened today. I was worried about being late, took a cab, and was 20 minutes early. I thought I started going to Ron in 1978 but he thinks it's 1976. In any case, it's a long time. I gave him a "Wordplay" postcard signed "Starring Ron's haircut." The difference between the frizzy mess filmed before the tournament (who knew the movie would actually be made?) and my newly cut hair during the tournament (as well as in the 2001 flashback and 2006 finals DVD extra) shows Ron's work.

Just in case I forget all the above, I wrote out a list.


I went to Ess-a-Bagel for the traditional post-haircut bagel. Nothing was hot except pumpernickel, so I had a slightly too crunchy plain bagel.

Later, I had 2 diet blondies and Creme Caramel frozen yogurt. I guess I'm carbo-loading. I might make a veggie-cheese-pasta casserole, depending how late I stay up.

If it's raining Saturday, I might not want to leave the hotel at lunchtime, but how can 700 people fit in the restaurant? Maybe I'll bring an apple in case of emergency. I would have brought a diet blondie, but I ate them both.



After 28 Stamfords plus U.S. Opens, NJ, LI, Baltimore, LA and Channel 13 tournaments, you'd think I'd be less crazed.

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