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I didn't want to rack up massive overdue fines, so finished Anna Quindlen's "Rise and Shine," about a have-it-all morning show anchor who loses it all. As events unfolded, I thought, "This couldn't happen in real life," but it's fiction so that's allowed. Very New Yorky, and I loved the sassy character Tequila.

LJSeek says I didn't already talk about my tenuous connection to the author, who was a year behind me at Barnard. In those days, people from Great Neck were officially considered commuters which meant low priority in housing. Junior year, I was given a space in a 616 double, the space vacated by Anna Quindlen who decided to take time off to be with her ailing mother. I lived there for about a week, and then moved when a single opened up in Plimpton. But while I was there, Anna came by to say hello. She's gone on to have an illustrious career.

I also finished Henry Hook's "Guess the Celebrity Crosswords." Entries in each crossword form a poem hinting the identity of a celebrity. Ingenious and not always easy.

I was up late last night and kept picking up the phone to no dial tone. I didn't try to get Chinese food, but made a vegetable/cheese casserole. I dozed off and was awakened by... the telephone ringing! Yay. It was the repairman, who said he'd knocked and I didn't answer. Didn't hear him. By now it was about 10 a.m. and he was in the basement. The problem turned out to be in the "central office" where a wire had come loose. The other wire, for my DSL, was fine. I didn't delve into why the wire came loose two days in a row, or why they didn't check the central office right away, instead of waiting overnight and coming here. And is there really a central office? Whatever, it's fixed. (*picking up phone* Yup, still works.)

It's a good thing Stamford isn't this weekend because it's been snowing and sleeting all day. Come to think of it, that wouldn't be so bad; if someone's plane couldn't get here, I wouldn't be that upset . By the way, that quote referred to Patrick Jordan being stranded one year in Oklahoma due to weather and... well, I wasn't that upset.

The weather wasn't good but I dressed and struck out for the library to return 2 books. The fine for the overdue one was 75 cents. I took out 2 more books from my list. Then I was going to make a long loop to the at-home mailbox, hardware store, bank, drugstore and supermarket, but with sleet falling and slush building on the sidewalks realized it would not be pleasant and just went to the supermarket across the street. I need to take care of these errands, but not today.

I made progress on work, but there are two things I should finish ASAP, and another due 4/3. And taxes.

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