Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

There was a notice by the elevator that blasting would be going on at the construction site across the street, and sure enough this week I've been awakened by a whistle and then BOOM! and things shake and then more whistles and BOOM! over again.

This is annoying, but not as bad as discovering Wednesday afternoon that my phone was dead. Both phones were. I don't know if the outage is related to the construction, but that seems the likeliest explanation. I communicate mostly by computer, which is one reason I don't have a cell. If the phone rings, 90% of the time it's my mother. I was about to go downtown so didn't check if the DSL was also dead. Now THAT would be unacceptable.

The desk guy hadn't heard of any other phone problems in the building. No time to ponder this, as I went to work and called in a repair report from there, giving the work desk as my contact number in case they called back that afternoon. They scheduled a repairperson for the next day. Back home, I was relieved to find the phones were working again. I attempted to cancel the repair and saw their system had already done so, noting the problem was solved from outside and the line was back at 6:15pm.

Happily, the DSL which comes through the same phone jack is functioning. This afternoon my former boss IM'd and wanted to talk, and I picked up the phone to find it dead again, so we had to continue by IM. I also wanted to call family members to tell them to watch Squonk on "Jeopardy!" (go, Squonk!). Yeesh. I complained online and scheduled a repair for tomorrow. This time I used the downstairs desk phone as contact, since they could always come get me.

It's already 3.5 hours after yesterday's repair and the phone is still dead. Chinese food is sounding really good. I could order online, I guess, or forget it and cook what I have in the house.

This is one of several little annoying things, including missing 2 trains last Saturday. I could see from home that I wasn't going to catch the planned-on one, and then somehow took enough time so I got to the station 5 minutes after the next one left an hour later. Then the conductors on the track weren't sure the train was the one I wanted, and I thought it would be pretty awful if they changed tracks and I was running through the station and missed the third one - but no, I finally got on the train.

I went to access archived NYT puzzles and was asked for my credit card info, despite having created these files since 1996 and having been comped the whole time. That's still not fixed, even though the forums themselves are now working.

I also thought I lost my contact lens, and finally found it in the top cover of the storage container. And thought I lost my raincoat, finding it had fallen to the floor of the closet.

Still haven't finished the library book (now overdue), or various work. The phone company needs to get its act together, and so do I.

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