Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

How rare, I'm talking about crosswords

I must have won "The New York Times Toughest Crossword Puzzles, Volume 8" since why buy an NYT collection if I've already done the puzzles? I did this book anyway - it's all Saturdays from 1995-7. I started test-solving in 1996 and downloaded in the old Lyriq format before that. Still, I didn't remember a thing. Only the "no ifs, ands, or buts" puzzle from Isabel Walcott was familiar. I even made errors - 2 wrong squares in 1 puzzle and 1 mistake in another.

I loved these puzzles and part of me wants to go back and do 10-year-old NYT Fridays from the Web archive, but I think my brain needs to be challenged and faced with new puzzles. Even though I felt very smart when the synapses connected and my pen flew, it was probably those long-ago-solved entries resurfacing.

Using Puzzle Society online (which since I've upgraded to MSIE 7 loads REALLY slowly), I'm now current with Newsday (which they call NetWord) and up to 10/06 on Jonesin'. And I'm caught up on the Puzzle Pointer downloads.

I found a partly done Henry Hook celebrity puzzle book, so I'll work on that next. I'm still plodding through the RH Weng Sunday collection, but they are full of crosswordese. Maybe I have some newer undone books somewhere, but I've checked all the usual places.

I also have some LA Sunday Times to do, since that's my proofreading work and it's time to get them in.

I did finish a non-puzzle book: "Chore Whore: Adventures of a Celebrity Personal Assistant" by Heather Howard. I should have been reading my other library book that can't be renewed, but this sucked me in. It's a story of evil Hollywood by a former celeb assistant, which mixes fictional characters (hmmm, was the flaky actress infatuated with the bad boy good ol' boy who likes group romps really Angelina Jolie? Is the lecherous old goat with a parade of underage girls based on Jack Nicholson?) with real ones. I thought personal assistants were personal to just one celeb, but this one was a freelancer who worked for several; maybe this was just a device to put more people in the story. The pages flew.

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