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I hope Bindi Irwin doesn't see the last item

When I finish a book, I mark it off on Amazon, Paperback Swap, and Library Thing, to keep track of what I've read and for a feeling of accomplishment. If I own the book, I usually decide I don't need to keep it, and put it up for trade on a trading site or leave it on the laundry room shelf. If it's a crossword book, I almost always throw it away but save the covers and perhaps the intro.

I found a dusty pile of puzzle books and was able to quickly check off two Boston Globe collections with the puzzles already done, and Maleska NYT Toughest Crosswords after doing the last two puzzles. I also finished another old Will Weng volume, "Americana Puzzles." I'm a week's puzzles away from catching up on the year's Newsdays done online (record is 1:38 on a Monday).

I'm still reading other books, but progress is slow, especially since I'm reading so many at once. I tried to renew Anna Quindlen's "Rise and Shine" and the system told me I couldn't because it's on hold for someone else (but why, if there are 204 copies and 128 holds?). So I need to finish that by Tuesday or take it out another time.

Last year at the tournament, jeffurrynpl had a portable lamp which seemed like a great idea since the ballroom lighting is not ideal. I ordered and just received 2 different models from Mighty Bright, one with a bulb and one LED. One of my overhead bedroom light bulbs just burned out, so I tried clipping the LED to my book and it seemed OK though a tad artificial. I'll save the bulb one for Stamford.

The NYT just changed its puzzle production program from Quark to an InDesign application developed by toonheadnpl. We used it for the first time this week (for puzzles beginning March 12). There was also a brand-new computer. The transition went relatively smoothly but was still stressful. I don't do well with change. Eventually the new system will speed things up considerably, especially in generating the Across Lite files which formerly involved much cutting and pasting. But in the first run lots of little things went wrong, some of which were completely unexplainable (dashes that were ___ suddenly became __: cue spooky music). Ick, computers!

Adding to my general stress level was the possibility I'd have to travel next week. That's been canceled so I'm relieved. Stamford, work deadlines (it's the time of month when everything is due), and taxes are enough, thanks.

I was reading the Barnard alumnae magazine that just came, and it had an article about student writers. One of the students' names looked familiar and I realized she's the daughter of my distant cousin D. I haven't seen him in almost 20 years, but my mother speaks to his mother often, and no one ever mentioned this connection.

Creepy hindsight, from a 2000 TV Guide, in a list of bad TV pitches from MST3K's Mike Nelson, "Bite Me: Every week, a different Australian guy would be ravaged by some sort of wild animal... Turnover is a problem, I admit, but we'd attract a killer demographic."

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