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There are definitely other crossword solvers in my building. Besides the "Wordplay" book, Coral Amende's "Crossword Obsession" has recently been left on the laundry room book exchange shelf by someone other than me, and both were picked up quickly (I check this shelf at least once a week). Of course, the fact that the donors didn't want to keep the books forever shows they're not hardcore puzzle fans, but still, there must be some level of interest.

So I really should have left the 80% undone BEQ NYT Crossword All-Stars book downstairs for a neighbor to enjoy. Instead, I started re-doing the reprint puzzles (which I already did, since I've test-solved the NYT since 1996) and just kept going. Nothing seemed blatantly familiar except the famous WHYYOULITTLE and one puzzle which I realized and verified was the final teaser puzzle in the just-done NYT Bonus Crossword book still sitting in my garbage box (so I stopped after one corner). I set the timer to count down from 5 minutes and sometimes didn't make that but usually did.

When I test-solve, I print out the puzzles and solve the print version, and then make an Across Lite file and re-solve that to make sure there are no glitches such as weird line breaks, rebuses that require special handling, or text getting lost while cutting and pasting. So after solving puzzles TWICE, you'd think I might remember them better. Though some of these BEQ puzzles were as much as 10 years old, I don't even remember puzzles discussed on the NYT Forum 2 weeks after I solved them. They just go right through me.

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