Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Everyone's getting famous

Yet another ex-coworker is out there contributing to pop culture: John Sellers. He just came out with a book on indie rock ("Perfect From Now On"), about bands I'm too old to know, and previously wrote on video games ("Arcade Fever") as well as the PCAT (Pop Culture Aptitude Test) and numerous articles on entertainment topics. Very cool. His blog indicates he contributed to "The Enlightened Bracketologist," along with Tyler and KenJen.

It really was a great group over at the ex-job. I also recently heard an interesting interview with former colleague Jessica who has veered from TV production into crafts. I can barely sew on a button, but you craftier people out there should find this fun.

As for me, I'm sitting here eating bonbons, or at least FreshDirect soup and rolls.

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