Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Refrigerator defrosting is done, finally. What a feeling when that last chunk of ice is freed and I can turn the thing on again. I found no mention of doing this since I started my blog in April, 2005, so I hope I did defrost and just didn't write about it.

The only book I've finished is RH Casual Crosswords v. 4 (Mel Rosen), which were somewhat easy.

I have a note to myself, "Closer score to Stam." What could that possibly mean? It's on the same page as "2007 calendar," which I need to get before it's 2008. I did just cross off "Jeffy gift," and finally sent the check for the bar mitzvah I attended January 13.

[Edited to add: Just realized it's a reminder to bring the "Closer than Ever" piano score to Stamford so Richard Maltby can sign it.]

Cramerica is doing well on "Jeopardy!" I called my sister and mother to tell them to watch, even though I don't know Cran very well. Everyone gets a vicarious thrill out of seeing someone they know on TV, however many degrees removed.

While I had the TV on, I watched something I'd taped on TiVo (I don't watch much TV and usually everything scrolls off), a guilty pleasure, "Cheerleader Nation." This series follows a high school squad in Kentucky preparing for the national championships. I hope no one "pulls an Al."

"The Departed" DVD arrived Monday instead of Netflix's estimate of Friday, so I didn't see it before the Oscars. I haven't watched any movies since the marathon for the Spirit Awards, and in fact haven't watched the Spirit Awards (it scrolled off, so I'm TiVo-ing the rerun tomorrow).

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