Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

"Wordplay" team

Another thing that happens so often I don't bother to mention it: seeing members of the "Wordplay" team in credits of other movies, especially John Sloss, Cinetic, Jonathan Sehring and IFC staff members, Anne Stulz, David Magdael, Jeremy Walker and our other PR people, Tracy McKnight, Peter Golub... they're all active and working. Some of them might even get thanked at awards shows.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Patrick and Christine's next project is a documentary on the federal debt. They had mentioned this at the DVD release party and I thought they were kidding. As everyone said when they announced crosswords as a topic, "That's a TERRIBLE idea." So we'll see if they can make even this dull (to me) topic shine. I hope someone can explain why nations are allowed to rack up enormous debt while individuals would be severely penalized.

I also hear there's a new little member of the "Wordplay" team.

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