Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Keeping me pure

With the tournament looming, I used an Amazon credit card bonus to order 4 puzzle books. One of them was Nerve's Naughty Crosswords, by "Jorge Stafford" who is really a legitimate constructor (the others were Matt Gaffney's TV Crosswords, Mel Rosen's Casual Crosswords 4, and Uncle John puzzles 4).

The Nerve book was beautifully packaged with a clear plastic cover, rubber bandish thing to hold down the pages (unless there's some kinky use I don't know about), and bright, colorful pages. But wait: a closer look at the orange-, blue- and purple-on-white pages reveals the orange is so light as to be unreadable, and the blue and purple aren't much better. The font is very thin.

After staring at a few pages, I realized solving would be a huge, eye-straining effort, and speed-solving would be impossible. As much as I'm curious to see the puzzles (are they just gross, or wickedly funny like our old clue-bash sessions for people's racy puzzles where we'd end up using a lot of sailor and golf analogies?), I didn't see the point of keeping a book of puzzles I couldn't solve.

So back to Amazon they'll go. Since I don't have a printer, I couldn't print out a postpaid label so I'm not sure if I'm stuck with the return shipping cost. I sent notes to Amazon, the publisher, and "Jorge" complaining about the design, and the constructor noted he also has "sex variety puzzles" (!) coming soon and will advise the production people.

Or maybe you have to be young to solve in pastel.

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