Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

...and I'm not even in this movie

Although taste is an individual matter, when you really love something and recommend it to all your friends, you're happy when they like it too.

Such is the case with "The Lives of Others." I have no connection with this movie and saw it at a Spirit Awards screening knowing nothing about it. I left mesmerized, and judging from the ladies' room conversation, others in the audience felt the same way. Researching afterward, I found the movie won many awards in Europe and was also a foreign film Oscar nominee. It ended up being far and away my first choice for Spirit Best Foreign Film, among the 4 entries I saw (I missed "Chronicle of an Escape").

After raving about the movie to someone who lives near a theater where it's playing ("Take a break and go see it NOW!"), he went after his other friend wanted to go. Afterward, he IM'ed, "I *loved* 'The Lives of Others.' Loved, loved, loved, it." I felt validated.

I really hope "Lives" wins the Oscar over "Pan's Labyrinth." The latter is not bad and I voted it Spirit Best Feature in a weak field. But rarely has a movie grabbed me like "Lives," despite its being in German with subtitles. It is that good.

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