Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Heaven, I'm in heaven

Sirius Howard 101 is running an all-weekend 18-hour retrospective (repeated 3 times) of live music performances from the radio show. I was away working all day yesterday but I've caught as much of this as I could. Wow. I remember many of the songs from their original airing or from their frequent use as show intros or bumpers, but it's great to hear all this at once. No lip synching or phony baloney, it's all live, sometimes imperfect but more often sublime, complete with intro commentary and the original oohs and ahs from Howard and the gang.

I can't really single out any faves, but have a soft spot for James Taylor (where I felt my entire generation swoon) and Stevie Wonder. Oh, and Jethro Tull, Sheryl Crow... forget it. Too many to list.

Some kind souls have documented the playlist.

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