Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Spirit Awards wrap-up

With the voting deadline looming, I watched:

"A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints": Teens hang out in Astoria (Queens), which did feel like Astoria. It was nominated for Best First Screenplay, but most of the screenplay consisted of the F word. I don't like cursing.

"Sweet Land": A 1920s Minnesota farmer and his Norwegian/German mail-order bride struggle to make a life. Touching.

"You're Gonna Miss Me": documentary about Roky Erickson, '60s psychedelic rock musician now messed up by a combination of drugs and mental illness. More a gothic family tale than a "Behind the Music" saga. Current articles say he's doing well.

Then I went online to vote. Ignoring instructions and my better judgment, I hit the Back button on my browser when I realized I forgot to rank one director, and had to start all over again. No harm done; the second try went through. Now I look forward to seeing the results the day before the Oscars.

It was a fun experience. To sum up:

1 movie previously seen
17 movies received from Netflix Spirit Awards queue
14 movies seen in IFP Spirit Awards screenings
2 movies watched in regular theaters
(and 6 movies not seen - just couldn't get to them all)

Besides the above, I saw 5 more movies through IFP since I joined, so the membership has been well worth it (and continues through next October).

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