Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Home stretch for Spirit Awards viewing

Yesterday I planned to piggyback movies and see "The Painted Veil" after "Pan's Labyrinth," but by the time I sat through the credits (I always do) and went to the ladies' room it was 7:30. The next movie at 7:35 was 6 blocks away and I had to buy a ticket, find the theater, and find a seat, and I thought it was cutting it too close. I probably could have made it without missing very much (allowing time for the trailers), but instead I went home and came back to see "Veil" today.

Although Monday afternoon is not prime moviegoing time, there was a line in front of the theater when I got there at 4:30. It was not for the 4:55 "Painted Veil" but for a 4:40 "Lives of Others" showing. There was a rave Friday in the NYT, and the word is out (92% Rotten Tomatoes). Hearing people in front of me mention the movie, I told them "It's fantastic!"

I realized the only previous time I saw a movie at Lincoln Plaza was Kurosawa's "Rhapsody in August" in 1991, with S who I met at my "Jeopardy!" tryout. This indie multiplex also showed "Wordplay" this summer. There were about 25 people in the small theater and everyone had a good view.

The movie was a sumptuously photographed story of a loveless couple in 1920s China during a cholera epidemic. Edward Norton is up for Best Male Lead (though I think he was even better in "The Illusionist"), and the screenplay has also been nominated. How "Four Eyed Monsters" beat this out for a cinematography nom is beyond me. The movie was gorgeous and melancholy.

When I left, there was a large group waiting downstairs in a holding area for the next "Lives of Others" showing. It's already grossed over $200K in only 9 theaters. It was a balmy 40 degrees, so I walked all the way home, stopping for a hot plain bagel at H&H.

I have 2 more Spirit nominee DVDs here, and 2 more coming, and then I'll vote online Wednesday by ranking the 5 nominees in each category in order (omitting the 5 movies I didn't see).

Maybe I'll try to see some Oscar nominees next.

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