Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Nerds are not a desirable demographic

I went to see "Pan's Labyrinth" this afternoon at Lincoln Square, since I missed the IFP showing and there's a very long wait for the screener DVD. More on that later.

One of the trailers was for "Starter for 10." According to this trailer, the movie is a cute romantic comedy with British accents. The quiz bowl aspect is not mentioned at ALL. That's what would bring me into the theater, but no one is marketing to people like me.

"Pan's Labyrinth" was very good, a fantasy about a girl living among scary mean soldier types in Spain after the Civil War. It's up for Spirit Best Feature and Oscar Best Foreign Film. I still think "The Lives of Others" deserves the Oscar. "Pan" was a movie where I say, "Yeah, that was good" while "Lives" makes me want to shake everyone and say, "You MUST see this!"

One of the other Spirit Best Feature nominees is "Half Nelson" which I watched yesterday. Ryan Gosling is up for Best Male Lead. His performance was good (he also has an Oscar nom), but the movie was a bit disappointing. I hope real teachers aren't that messed up, though his rampant drug habit didn't seem to affect his teaching. I was surprised it was shot in Brooklyn, since it didn't feel like Brooklyn (would real people in Brooklyn drive cars all the time?), but I'm not familiar with that particular area.

I also saw "Sorry, Haters," followed by a Q&A with the producer and cinematographer. This movie did almost no business but has an intriguing story and great (Spirit-nominated) performance by Robin Wright Penn as a woman who is not what she seems. At least, at first she doesn't seem completely insane.

I finished one book: "For Kings and Planets" by Ethan Canin (now there's a great crossword name). This started out promisingly, as Orno (he needs to become famous to replace "Yes __") from Missouri begins his studies at Columbia and meets the charismatic and worldly Marshall. Their Columbia is more bohemian and depressing than my experience, and the book moves on to Orno's dental studies, romance with Marshall's sister, and revelations about family and lies. It's a bit of a downer, and I was glad to finish.

I still haven't defrosted the freezer. This shows how old my refrigerator is, and how lazy I am. I did finish another job this morning, and also worked all day Saturday, so I'm not just sitting around.

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