Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Lots of movies

"The Dead Girl" - interrelated vignettes relating to one dead girl, played by Brittany Murphy. Dark and depressing.

"Infamous" - the other Truman Capote movie. I didn't see the first one, but this seemed to evoke the era and characters well. The scenes with the murderers and reenacting the crime were grim, but I liked when he was with Harper Lee (Sandra Bullock) or back in NYC gossiping with his ladies.

"Man Push Cart" - when I was working full-time, I often got a bagel or muffin from the guy in the cart stationed outside. I never thought about that guy's day-to-day life, but Ramin Bahrani did and created this movie. Very New Yorky portrait of a Pakistani vendor toiling away. The director/writer/producer/editor (Bahrani) and the star spoke afterward.

"Twelve and Holding" - bittersweet film about suburban kids coping with a tragedy. Well done.

"For Your Consideration" - this spoof of Hollywood and Oscar buzz didn't get great reviews, but I really liked it. The familiar faces of the Christopher Guest crew are all here.

"12:08 East of Bucharest" - small-town Romanian TV talk show host puts together a panel to discuss events of 1989. Eh.

"My Country My Country" - the Iraqi elections from the perspective of a doctor and his family, as they cope with violence, power outages and general upheaval in their everyday lives.

"Days of Glory" - Algerian soldiers fight for France in WWII. The war scenes reminded me a lot of "Saving Private Ryan." Relentlessly violent.

"Conversations with Other Women" - Aaron Eckhart and Helene Bonham-Carter flirt at a wedding, but all is not what it seems. Very talky. Shot in a split-screen format. The writer/director/producer (3 different people) spoke afterward, and their tales of shoestring indie life reminded me that we were very fortunate with "Wordplay."

"Wristcutters: A Love Story" - a suicide lands in a strange afterlife with other suicides. Seemed goofy at first, but then turned darker.

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